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Originally Posted by SteveG1 View Post
Itís already been well documented that American banks are no longer willing (source: Wall Street Journal) to loan money to Donald Trump due to his pattern of strategically not paying his bills or repaying his debts when he thinks he can get away with it. And yet heís managed to nearly double his debt load (source: Bloomberg) over the past year by borrowing a flurry of funds from overseas investors.
I thought those were links but they're not.

I know for a fact that some of his projects are financed by Chinese banks. Is he going to be in thrall to China as well because his rhetoric about trade deals and his conversation with Taiwan makes me think he is not THEIR puppet. Why would he be Russia's puppet?

So do you have any actual cites or just vague memories of Trump being unable to borrow domestically? Because I'm pretty sure that a significant portion of the financing for his development projects are from domestic sources.