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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
On his first full day in office appeared at CIA HQ, before men and women charged with providing the nation with accurate intelligence about other countries, and overstated the size of the crowd at his own Inauguration:
Right, although all the media outlets I've seen today correctly reported that there were no hard estimates of crowd size, they also were reporting that photo comparisons with Obama's first inaugural clearly showed a smaller crowd for the Trump event. Trump, at his CIA appearance, said he felt like it was a million, million and half (as if that surprises anyone).

This was followed by a press statement by chief flack Sean Spicer (delayed by an hour for who knows what reason) that consisted almost entirely of Spicer berating the press for a) an incorrect tweet by a Time reporter that a bust of MLK had been removed from the Oval Office; b) more blather about 'inaccurate' reporting of the inauguration crowd size. You know, the crowd size that everyone was saying repeatedly could not be accurately estimated.

Good Lord, the next few years are going to be tedious.

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