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He. Just. Cannot. Let. it. Go.

Trump called Michael T. Reynolds, acting director of the National Park Service, to express anger over the fact the National Park Service's official Twitter account retweeted a message that negatively compared the crowd sizes at the two inaugurations.
Apparently the Deputy press Secretary has the patter down already:

Sanders said the call proves Trump "is so engaged, he is so involved and when he sees a problem, he takes action to fix it."

"If he sees an issue, he is going to take action and do something to fix it," Sanders said.
It just boggles my mind...this should have been worth a few snarky comments for a day or so on Facebook/Twitter and then filed in the back archives, but he keeps coming back to it again and again.

I have resisted the easy way people (with no experience in the matter) have diagnosed him as having a disorder, but this..well, obsession is the only word I can use to describe making me wonder.