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Originally Posted by Blinkyandpinky View Post
What a truly amazing and impressive list.

President Trump has already accomplished more in his first few days than the golfer accomplished in his entire 8 years!

Happy times are here again! Indeed! Isn't it great to finally have a President that actually cares about the American people for a change?

It's pretty funny how hordes of delusional people on the left and virtually the entire crooked media claimed that he didn't have a chance of winning. Watching youtube videos of Hillary supporters crying is better than any comedy film released in the past year.

Another talking point that was popular was how he wasn't really serious and there for example wasn't going to be a wall. Trump doesn't really mean anything that he says, it's never going to happen, it's all talk! said plenty of people with their heads up their butts.

I can't wait to hear the next predictions from these highly enlightened people.

Whatever they predict or claim about Trump, you can expect the exact opposite to come true. They are batting zero. Keep up the good work!

I believe that Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest American Presidents of all time, rivaling Washington and Lincoln, and perhaps even surpassing them.
Just one question*, you fucking shitstain:

Why do you hate America?

*Actually, I guess it's more like commentary, since I put you on "Ignore" immediately after posting this, and I won't see any response you make.