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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
One of the more interesting ones for me is Robert Picardo, "Doctor" on Voyager, who was very visible in lots of films, but who I never noticed until his Star Trek role (I never watched [China Beach, so I didn't originally know about his other regular "Doctor" role as the redundant Dr. Dick Richard)

He's the Hit Man "The Cowboy" in InnerSpace and the theater owner in Matinee and the voice of Johnnycab in the original Total Recall (and I think they based the appearance of the Cab Driver on him, too).

You wouldn't recognize him, though, in his part in the film Legend. I knew about it from reading credits, but he was unrecognizable under a ton of makeup as "Meg Mucklebones"

He's also unrecognizable as Wak and Neek's father (and as Starkiller, although I still didn't recognize him) in Explorers, but I admit I didn't know that until I looked it up on iMDB
Not a prominent role, but he appeared in two episodes of Home Improvement as Tim "The Tool Man's" neighbor. His other neighbor, not Wilson.