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I rewatched the entire run of Frasier recently and I was surprised at how many Trek people turned up in that show:

- Of course, Kelsey Grammer himself and his on-screen ex-wife Bebe Neuwirth are both TNG alumni
- Nana Visitor shows up as a guest at one of Niles' parties in his apartment at the Montana
- Someone already mentioned Rene Auberjonois plays Frasier's old college psych professor
- Robert Picardo is the son of Martin's bully boss
- Patrick Stewart plays Alistair Burke, who mistakenly thinks Frasier is gay
- Saul Rubinek appears many times as Niles' divorce lawyer and Daphne's fiance
- Brent Spiner has one appearance as the pale guy sitting next to Lilith on the flight she takes to ask Frasier for his sperm