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Still on this mortal coil

Thanks to a message from Johnnyh L.A. I realized how long it has been since I've been on the Dope. He congraatulated me for reaching my 90th birthday last month.

All kinds of changes kept me even browsing. We decided it would be wise to move close to our kids in the Denver area, so had to sell our house in AZ, find a mover, move up here, rent an apartment while house hunting, finally buying one and doing a major remodel
Such simple things as change-of-address to 40 places took a huge amount of time, then finding doctors' and so forth.

As can't get out much, do a great deal of shopping on Amazon and what with one thing and another, just seem to be busier than I should at this stage of my life.

Also, of course, little need to General Questions as can find out anything in the world by searching online. Some f it is even true. However that takes time. No more excuses.

My wife is only 88, but in December we will celebrate our 66th wedding anniversary.

OK, folks, I'll come back and post again when I reach 100. If I don't, you will know I went to the Happy Hunting Ground.