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Originally Posted by AI Proofreader View Post
I completely agree that tobacco is by far the most dangerous drug that can be taken, in terms of long-term fatalities. I still don't think it should be illegal; for the same reason you give for not making alcohol illegal. It's simply not practical.

If we lived in that same world where opium had to be transported from the other side of the world via boats costing enormous time and expense.. maybe. But if you outlawed tobacco, some would quit; many others would simply begin growing it hydroponically, or ordering it from The Silk Road, or getting it from their street dealer who got it from a distributor who smuggled it over the border.

It would be more expensive, it would be more dangerous. It would involve possible legal consequences as disastrous to their lives as the health problems they'll probably suffer later in life. But people will still do it. And those who grow it will still profit from it, arguably much more than they did while it was legal.
Yes, Prohibition didnt work. But it didnt really "fail" either:

Do note that like 70% of Americans were drinkers, and 40% were pretty serious drinkers. Trying to ban something that 40-70% do is tough.

But only around 15% of Americans smoke. And vaping and nicotine patches would be there after a ban.

"Growing your own" is a lot tougher than brewing your own. You have to dry it, etc.

We could ban smoking.

Start with- Ban all smoking in public.
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