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Originally Posted by crowmanyclouds View Post
Until you / they can figure out exactly how to freeze someone that isn't currently dead* without killing them I'm pretty sure that is gonna be murder in most jurisdictions.

*'Cause ya ain't reallllly dead if your brain ain't dead, "mostly dead" ain't something taught in med school!

CMC fnord!
Now, will I win that coveted spot on someone's "Ignore List"?
This is a reasonable argument in that it is true that current laws are not designed for this. Remember, it's totally acceptable to consider a patient dead if their heart stopped, even though in reality you have somewhere between 4 and 30 minutes before they are 'really, definitely, 100% dead'. (the greater threshold is because there's some clinical success with longer durations)

Remember, also, that the majority religion when these laws were written believes at some point your "soul" detaches from your body to go to heaven or hell, after which if you could successfully revive someone, maybe they'd be soul-less or replaced with a demon or maybe god would punish you for your audacity. If you're wondering, the last idea I heard expressed by a medical student, and the first 2 are common themes in dozens of movies.

So no, you don't deserve ignore. Now if you said "SamuelA is a crackpot, all his posts are nonsense", that would be a sweeping insult worthy of becoming the 6th ignore list entry.

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