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Originally Posted by LSLGuy View Post
To a CS-trained mind, the world is not only more complex than we understand, it's more complex than we can understand. We, the CS gurus, lose our ability to recognize all the ways in which the messy substrates of the real world are not nearly so tractable as the clean, simple, and manmade substrate of pure math & logic. We spend so much time succeeding at managing spherical cows to good effect that we forget about the messy reality of real flesh-and-blood cows.

It's a common failing of CS people. But it can be worked past.
You are way too kind LSLGuy, and I love you for it. I think SamuelA might have a lot of interesting ideas about highly technical subjects, but even in something fairly simple to understand he displays a lack of even basic reading comprehension and works himself into a frenzy of abusive, belittling language. He is far more concerned about proving that he has a superior grasp of everything than actually understanding fully what is being talked about. Some of this has nothing to do with being a CS major and much more to do with coming from a standpoint of fear and anxiety about being wring about something.

But maybe I'm projecting; if he is as young as I believe him to be, then at his age I was at least just as bad. This just makes me feel a little sad and sorry for him, he will probably have many difficult years ahead of him, hopefully he listens to some of what you have to say. Or maybe he's just fine how he is - I don't know, I'm not a psychologist, I fix bicycles for a living. But my cat loves me, so that's something. She's fast asleep on my arm right now, it's sooo cute, and also provides a reasonable amount of warmth. Maybe SamuelA should get a cat.

Anyhow, here is the thread I'm talking about :

He can't figure out the different meanings of the words tax lien and lender foreclosure.
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