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Originally Posted by Mr. Nylock View Post
Or maybe he's just fine how he is - I don't know, I'm not a psychologist, I fix bicycles for a living. But my cat loves me, so that's something. She's fast asleep on my arm right now, it's sooo cute, and also provides a reasonable amount of warmth. Maybe SamuelA should get a cat.

Anyhow, here is the thread I'm talking about :

He can't figure out the different meanings of the words tax lien and lender foreclosure.
Both involve an auction, right...

In that thread, you didn't bother to specify what the differences were. I'm sure there are slight procedural differences*, but how does that matter? My point from the beginning was the house must sell for a lot less than it's worth, or there's no point in buying it and flipping it. This is basic mathematics. And I pointed out that whatever the procedures were, it must be cheating the homeowner, in practice the homeowner must lose a lot more than the mere back taxes they owe. And I established that point solidly with evidence and math and you just claimed I was ignorant and drifted off.

You're just pitting yourself here.

*county by county. Some counties probably use the exact same procedure for foreclosures and tax lien sales...

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