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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Do you really think the U.S. is the one in charge of who gets to be leader in N Korea? That's some breathtaking arrogance. The U.S. can lead sanctions and other diplomatic angles of attack but they aren't remotely in a position to decide on a regime change.
Nope, I don't think that. I also don't think anything of substance is going to come of this exchange, other than a photo op for Kim to legitimize himself as a world leader.

They've already got the bomb. They've already got an ICBM that is a reasonable threat to the US. There as big a threat as they've ever been.

So, saying they won't test or detonate if we (insert random capitulation here) is just more of the same. A joke. A joke that will last maybe a few years until they rinse and repeat and do it again, same as before.