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Originally Posted by DavidwithanR View Post
"Deniers" are not legitimately denying anything. They are simply lying, intentionally and maliciously. They don't believe their own bullshit.
There's a lot of science illiteracy out there particularly among politicians in the US. Stuff like bringing a snowball into congress is so dumb it's clear they have fuck all understanding.

Now, that's still despicable in my view: they're cashing the cheques while making no effort (indeed: making an effort to avoid) understanding something that's a massive threat to all humanity*. But it's not lying per se.

* I sometimes say that to Trump supporters: "Even if you think Trump is right about climate change being a hoax, it's clear he's never really studied the topic, right? All that stuff about spraying hairspray in his house...he has not bothered to read one paragraph on the science, which shows a callous disregard for humans and the planet, correct?"