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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
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The IPCC began it's campaign in 1988.

What the man-made-CO2-is-evil side doesn't seem to be able to do is CONVINCE enough voters that their story is believable. Back when clean air, and clean water, were major issues, advocates were able to actually CONVINCE people to support their cause. FYI - If you can't CONVINCE sufficient numbers of people to support your cause du jour, you need to figure out what you are doing wrong?
It's pretty obvious what's wrong - there's an extremely well-funded propaganda campaign that has completely coopted half of American politics. Denialists have succeeded in turning climate change into a partisan issue, and thanks to the breakdown in trust in nonpartisan institutions and the way media bubbles have taken over, the vast majority of the time that those on the right hear about climate change at all, it will be people downplaying or denying the issue. Just to put this in context, a study of three major networks in 2013 found that Fox News's coverage of climate change was misleading 72% of the time. A similar study from 2009 found that frequent viewership of Fox News was directly correlated with being wrong on climate change.

This is why I explicitly excuse the rank and file here. Uncle Cletus is certainly misinformed about climate change and voting for people who will make things worse, but there's a huge ethical difference between falling for a propaganda campaign and creating a propaganda campaign.

We know why climate outreach is failing. The better question, given that you're here and have access to all the information, is this: what the fuck is your excuse? Forget everyone else; you are aware of the facts and yet still willing to be wrong. Why?