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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Would it help if I brought out a scatter graph featuring the most recent research estimates? Would you care? Because the answer to your question is literally just a short google search away, if you actually cared to find out. Seriously, just give your question into google and you will quickly find your answer. You'll find the scientific papers measuring land ice volume, you'll find papers determining how much this would cause the sea level to rise, and you'll find popsci sites which summarize the information in case you're not an expert capable of reading and understanding the papers.

(The answers I found to your question fall in the 60-70m range, lest you accuse me of dodging the question. And it's a very silly question, as no scientist is predicting that this will hapoen soon, or at all.)

But do you care? Past experience tells me "probably not". The reason why it's a hard sell is entirely because of denialist spreading as much doubt and obfuscation as they can, and people lapping that up as though it was some meaningful rebuttal to the actual science.
Hmmm. Tough choice. Your failure to convince people to change the status quo is not because you are unable to CONVINCE them that you must be correct, but because the other side is more CONVINCING than you are. Maybe, just maybe, you need to rethink your PR campaign. Just sayin'.