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Speaking of which, Vox brought out an excellent article discussing exactly the kind of propagandizing I'm talking about:
And they will always find people who will defend their interests, using whatever language serves the purpose. The arguments offered to the public may be scientific, political, or economic, or some jumble thereof, as with Trump. They may make occasional rhetorical concessions, if the tide of public opinion threatens them. They will perform substantive engagement, to the extent circumstances demand it.

But defense of the status quo is the point, not the arguments. And the only way it can be overcome is through power and money, i.e., organized political opposition. Focusing on the words — scrutinizing the exact mathematical degree of denial displayed in a particular Republican’s comments, as though it reflects anything deeper — is just getting played.

They are gaslighting, not persuading, and it will end when they are beaten and removed from office, not when climate scientists find just the right argument.
That last sentence seems particularly saliant given the last page of this thread. The only question remaining for the rank-and-file denialists like UltraVires or doorhinge is, when it comes to the right-wing climate change con, are you the mark or the hustler?

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