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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
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You're the one who's trying to change the status quo. In order for you to do that, I'm suggesting that change your sales pitch to something that is more convincing than what you've been selling so far. Simply throwing your hands up in the air and saying that you can't compete with the opposition isn't going to get the job done.
Most of the countries of the world are convinced - even the ones who might not be moving fast enough to do anything.
I can see three reasons why the right isn't convinced:
1. They are too stupid to get it. (Like that cotton farmer.)
2. They have financial incentives to not be convinced, like energy company execs and the politicians in their pockets.
3. Al Gore is worried about climate change, so there must be nothing to it.

There is no longer any scientific reason to be a denier - do you disagree?

To bring up evolution again, do you think we shouldn't teach evolution in schools because biologists haven't convinced the creationists?

I'm old enough to remember when cigarette smoking was okay. I have a DVD of ads from the early '50s with sports stars and opera singers saying cigarettes were good for their stamina and voice. The shift happened due to laws. Should we not have passed them because a lot of people were unconvinced - partially due to the lies of the tobacco companies?

Just want to see if you are consistent.