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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
By telling them the truth: namely, that there were a lot of powerful and influential entities such as fossil-fuel companies who had a strong financial interest in spreading disinformation and encouraging confusion about the deleterious effects of fossil-fuel use. And that there were a great many gullible and poorly-informed individuals with inadequate understanding of climate science who thought it made them look sophisticated and smart to disbelieve the findings of climate scientists.

These gullible individuals eagerly latched on to various disinformation gambits promoted by the professional science deniers, such as claims that observed global warming is merely part of a long-term natural cycle, or that it was just a ploy in some shady scam. They lazily abdicated their civic and intellectual responsibility to inform themselves of the facts, instead whining that it was somehow the responsibility of better-informed people to CONVINCE them of what they didn't want to believe, even as they steadfastly refused to listen to scientific explanations and rational arguments on the subject.
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You're the one saying that you need those people. Those, as you say, "gullible and poorly-informed individuals", as well as the lazy people. You need them in order to make your dream come true. You want to change the status quo, but you are unable figure out a way to get your way.

If I had hired your team to sell Global Warming Toothpaste, based on the sales numbers, I would fire your team, and hire a new public relations firm. A firm that can get things done.

Seriously, you need to rethink your strategy.