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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
Are you tired of discussing how history will view the results of the climate change/global warming efforts?
I think it's pretty clear that history will view the results to have been sorely inadequate. We appear to be on a trajectory of reaching close to 670 ppm CO2 by 2100, with a consequent global temperature rise of 3 to 4C, which is approaching the category of "catastrophic".
Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
Do you believe your side is winning the climate change/global warming battle/discussion?
If I may mix metaphors a little, you've been beating that ridiculous strawman to death for a long time now. It's not clear why you're doing this, but it appears to be because you can't debate the issue on factual scientific grounds, so you're trying to deflect it to a pointless digression. Perhaps you're not aware that every country in the world signed on the Paris climate accords (although the US, alone and ignominiously, pulled out due to the peculiar nature of the the current occupant of the White House who had declared all the accumulated science of the last 50 years to be "a Chinese hoax").

Every country in the world signed on based on the strength of the scientific evidence. So who is it, exactly, that is "not convinced"? Even in the US, whose population is probably the most swayed by raw partisanship and mercenary objectives, poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans believe that climate change is real, that human activities are a significant contributor, and that climate action is warranted. And this despite a rather appalling ignorance not just of the science, but most don't even seem to be aware of the simple basic fact that the vast majority of climate scientists believe that the anthropogenic nature of climate change has now been incontrovertibly established.

Even if you were right about people's beliefs -- and you're not -- why the hell would it even matter? What people happen to believe doesn't change the facts of physical reality. You could have asked the fabled King Canute about that.

Your argument on these lines is both demonstrably wrong and irrelevant, and that's about as bad as any argument ever gets.