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Originally Posted by XT View Post
the root of NIMBY wrt nuclear power is...yep, the left wing in the US, especially the green eco left in the past.
Bullshit the root of nimbyism is the tech. We could use the old MSR/MSBR style tech, with that pool setup that makes nearly failsafe, but no one has been seriously suggesting that. They want to build BWRs or PWRs, so that Homer can fuck up and spill Pepsi on the control panel. No one wants to be anywhere near one of those things, but tPtB seem to be reluctant to sign on to the safer designs, which are quite venerable. Because they cannot be quickly converted to making the 239Pu for boom-boom. The government has to fund reactor construction, because private industry will not. There is no RoI. And the government, peaceful as they may be, wants to make sure they can build weapons. Blaming the greenies for our nuclear decay is stone wrong.