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Originally Posted by Ruken View Post
Actual data. That anyone would post something about "every X I know" in, let me check...yes, we're in GD, is boggling.

No poll is perfect, but it certainly beats some rando Canadian's recollection of what his aquaintances think.
Way to spectacularly miss the point and then go off on some bizarre rant for no apparent reason. The 15 million people of Ontario are not my "acquaintances" (the word is spelled with a "c", BTW). This is a province with a long tradition of environmental stewardship and a solid liberal tradition, even among conservatives, with massive hydroelectric plants, large wind farm installations, and many solar power initiatives. There are now zero (0) coal-fired power plants. Yet nuclear provides more than half of all electricity. One of those plants is located right in the Greater Toronto Area, surrounded by the highest population density around a nuclear plant anywhere in North America. So any claim that opposition to nuclear arises from liberal or "leftist" ideology or environmentalism stoking fear of nuclear is, as already noted, not supported by the facts.

So your survey showing that there is greater opposition to nuclear among Dems than Repubs requires looking for an explanation beyond simple ideology. But don't bother looking too hard, because the spread isn't nearly as big as it is for some of the key questions on something like climate change. On the question of nuclear, Dems and Repubs have at times been just a few percentage points apart, and anyway both parties currently advocate more nuclear power, though probably for much different reasons.