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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Sure, because a bunch of poorly-informed/lazy/gullible people have decided they don't have any responsibility to try not to be poorly-informed, lazy and/or gullible. (And because a bunch of very well-funded professional science deniers are encouraging them in that view.)

I readily admit that it's much harder to persuade poorly-informed/lazy/gullible people to educate themselves about science than to persuade them to go on complacently being poorly-informed, lazy and/or gullible. But that doesn't mean they ultimately get a pass for their ignorance, laziness and gullibility.

You are not merely a consumer being targeted by ad campaigns. You are also a citizen, with a citizen's responsibility to be informed about important issues and to make prudent decisions about what policies to support. If you refuse to do that, it's not the fault of other people for failing to CONVINCE you of the facts; it's your own fault for choosing to CONVINCE yourself that facts don't matter, and/or that you have no responsibility to learn and understand the facts.
That's terrific. You want to change the status quo, and because you have failed to do so, you've decided that resorting to name-calling is going to finally CONVINCE the people you have so far been unable to CONVINCE that they should believe as you believe. Keep up the good work.