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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
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You don't want to make this an evolution debate by attempting to debate evolution. Interesting. Personally, I consider your attempt to change the topic to evolution as an attempted hijack of this thread. However, seeing as you have asked so nicely, I believe in evolution. I also believe that global warming is occurring.

p.s. I don't know why my response appears in bold. It doesn't contain any bracketed B.
It isn't an evolution debate because I have no reason to believe that you and I disagree in any way on evolution.
My poll number, unlike the 70% one given above, includes those who don't believe climate change is caused by humans - which includes both those who don't accept climate change (apparently 30%) and those who do and don't think we're responsible - like you.
To restate, a number of scientific conclusions widely accepted by experts are not accepted by the lay public. Is this the fault of those who do accept it (it seems you think it is) and should it affect how we move forward?

To tie this in to the nuclear debate - if 40% of Americans were dumb enough to think that a malfunctioning nuclear power plant could explode like an atomic bomb, would this be a reason to hold off on nuclear power plant construction until they were convinced?