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Originally Posted by XT View Post
So, you are saying that it's the market that is the reason why nuclear power isn't thriving but dying on the vine. That's true enough, in the same way that the failure of the efforts to substantially halt CO2 emissions is the market. Basically, the well has been so poisoned at this point that you are correct...the majority of the public isn't going to go for it, and in fact several countries are cutting their nuclear even faster than we are. And we aren't curbing CO2 emissions in any meaningful way beyond what we would naturally be doing because of market forces which are driving battery powered cars, solar, wind and other green (and a switch from coal to natural gas) at the current pace. I'm guessing that you are less forgiving of the fact that the REASON for those market forces on the CO2 side being what they are then your post #19 suggests you are concerning the reasons why nuclear is where it's at, however...right? I know you are on record as a supporter of nuclear, btw, but you still want to say it's the market wrt nuclear and just shrug that off while I know you rail about right wing deniers distorting the market wrt CO2 and climate change. To me, they are pretty similar, though I would agree that the deniers are going to be seen by history as a worse problem. The fact that, now, today, most of the really rabid green anti-nuclear stuff has died down, or faded into the background is because they's over, there isn't any reason for them to be as rabid anymore. They managed to shift the narrative and the discussion so far that now it's about how quickly we'll be closing down plants from the grid, since they don't need to stop new plants from being made, as the only places making them don't give a shit about their views.
That is missing the point, and I have to notice that you have to ignore what even the nuclear guys are telling us about what is going on in the industry right now.

So, Nuclear is still a part of a complete breakfast way to deal with the CO2 and other greenhouse gases pollution. What I think it should be done is for all to take into account that we do have many nuclear powered ships and subs that are going around. And that leads me to think that the government should indeed declare an emergency regarding the climate and then get the military to develop and deploy next gen nuclear plants, mostly in the west on remote military installations. Just before that takes place, follow the French example to really fund science education in all schools, and educate people by funding also trips to the new nuclear plants in development.