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Hey ExTank, your party currently controls every branch of the US government. If you guys want to "go nuclear", or install solar panels in the desert* nobody is stopping you. Why aren't you asking your representative about it? Note: If you live in Florida or North Carolina, maybe avoid using the terms "climate change" or "global warming" in your letter; the republican governments in those states have banned environmental officials from using those terms.

If you can't hear the snark in that, rest assured, it's there. This argument doesn't magically become less nonsensical just because your name isn't Shodan and/or you didn't read the thread. In reality, there is one party in congress who is possibly wrong on policy details but understands that there is a problem that needs solving, and there is one party in congress whose leaders have called the problem a hoax over and over again. The only fucking "NIMBY" when it comes to wind farms is a certain orange asshole who insisted that they ruined the view at his fucking golf course. There is no fucking comparison here.

And as usual, I have no idea whether this person is debating in good faith or not. Because that's never a fair assumption when talking about republicans and climate change. It just isn't.

*(This is easily one of the most bizarre complaints I've ever heard. Nobody is against putting up solar installations in the desert because of endangered species concerns. That's just straight-up not a thing and I have no idea where you're getting it from. In fact, there's a whole Wikipedia page on solar plants in the Mojave Desert. The problem is usually logistical - how do you reliably transport the energy from point A to point B; how do you build a solar farm in the desert; who's going to pay for it; how long will it take to build. Things like that.)

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