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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
When climate scientists, the IPCC and other science-aware people try to explain the relevant climate science issues to science deniers such as yourself, you respond by proposing scientifically absurd alternative explanations and/or saying it's some kind of political "scam".

When it's pointed out that professional opinion-influencers sponsored by powerful interests are taking advantage of people's ignorance, laziness and gullibility to promote anti-science views, and that the targets of this strategy are abdicating their civic responsibilities by buying into it, you merely pout about "name-calling".

doorhinge's science-denier bumper sticker: "I MADE UP MY MIND NOT TO LISTEN TO YOU SO IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT THAT I'M WRONG".
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Bumper sticker? 1st, why would I put bumper stickers on my cars? 2nd, YOU have created a bumper sticker, and then attributed YOUR bumper sticker to me. How is that going to convince more voters to buy into your MMCO2IE belief.