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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
Have they figured out that climate related deaths have been plummeting for that 100 years despite a rapid increase in population?
I have also pointed before many times at the good news from people that investigate how progress has indeed make things better, like the great late statistician Hans Rosling:
My guess is you feel that me saying that the world is getting better is like me telling you that everything is fine, and that feels ridiculous. I agree. Everything is not fine. We should still be very concerned. As long as there are plane crashes, preventable child deaths, endangered species, climate change sceptics, male chauvinists, crazy dictators, toxic waste, journalists in prison, and girls not getting an education, we cannot relax.
So yes, even the ones that do look at the numbers are telling us that the climate change deniers are the ones that belong as an example of that old kid's song" "one of things is not like the other"

Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
No? I’ll give them another 60.
Oh well, too late for you. It is clear that you became also an example of not being aware of what I and others like Rosling have posted before.

The point that is missed spectacularly is that while everything is getting better, scientists and others that look at the issue would be dumb to not warn others about the dangers that are very likely to make things turn bad. As I have pointed before, we can be optimistic, but it depends on people doing the right thing.

Like them dumping the weakest link, and those are the current Republicans in congress.

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