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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
The IPCC has been around for 30 years. You've pointed out that the/their science has gotten better. What your side has not been able to do for the last 30 years is CONVINCE the opposition, and the fence-sitters, that you're right and they're wrong. You can take my advice, and change your tactics/strategy, or you can waste your time telling me that I said no one believes in AGW. Which action will improve your credibility with the undecided, and unconvinced?
Thanks for the advice. But you were asked in post #94 nine days ago what it would take to convince you, personally, to support the stated positions on climate change. You declined to answer and nine days later it seems safe to assume that the real answer is that nothing would convince you. So your vague -- and incorrect -- advice is completely useless. Evidence is useless when beliefs -- like yours -- are not evidence-based. It's also incorrect since I showed you in polls that the majority are, in fact, now convinced about the basics, and every country in the world signed on to the Paris accord, though the US alone pulled out. You ignored this, just like you ignored the question in #94.

You appear to know nothing about the subject and keep harping, falsely but persistently, like a one-trick pony, on the fact that not enough people are convinced. I honestly have no idea at all what you hope to accomplish by this now-tired old tactic. The real problem, as I noted in post #178, is that not enough Republicans claim to be convinced -- and it really is overwhelmingly Republicans -- and that's because they have a political advantage from the well-funded denier sector as long as they can maintain that fiction, even when they're smart enough to know better. That says nothing good about your side, or the prospects that evidence alone can ever sway your side as long as denialism keeps the money rolling in and keeps buying them votes, while the planet continues to deteriorate. And that, my friend, pretty much sums up how history will judge you and your side.