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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
Actually, I'm pointing out that your side has been unable to CONVINCE enough people to change the status quo. I'm sure there are a thousands of excuses as to why your side has been unable to CONVINCE enough fence-sitters, and deniers, to come into your fold, but those excuses aren't going to change the status quo.

Is your goal to actually change how AGW is handled, or is it your goal to spend even more time explain why you can't? Your choice.
My choice is to point out that this is about the 4th time that you ignore that the polls and studies I cited show that more people are being convinced. Your choice to ignore it is not my problem, what is important is that others learn how pathetic the replies from the opponents to this issue are nowadays.

Anyhow, I know that in the past even scientists at the SDMB have said that I do get it, even that bit about where Greenland is.