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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
All well and good, but the issue at hand here has the potential to be of far greater concern than those other things. Our inaction could possibly spell the loss of many more species on Earth than just those annoying h.s. critters. You can play the long game until you look up and see a few seconds left on the clock and no timeouts left. What do you do then?
As history shows then we all lose, even the crowd in the stands. As history shows too, then the perpetrators that funded or organized the inaction are taken to the wall and shot. And many times even the ones in power that supported that inaction will get it. Now, since I think we are getting better in many fronts what I expect in this case is not that drastic, The people will vote the rascal deniers out of power and like the tobacco industry make the fossil fuel industry pay for the new industries that will help educate humanity to better mitigate and/or adapt to the changes.

Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
Of course, we may even be past that point. The damage done in recent decades may already be irrecoverable, short of malthusian extremes. If that were the case, what should we do, if no action can lead to any real benefit and the most deprecable course cannot yield notably greater loss?
The problem here is that even worse scenarios can take place, the longer we allow leadership that ignores the issue the worse it will be. Looking at history we can see that we either get busy changing and adapting to the changes or get busy dying.

Because I think we will more likely do the former, it will then be the turn of better aware citizens to get better leadership.

The point is not just for all, but also to say to the misleaders in industry and governments to be wise and selfish. Yes, selfish, in the sense that they should realize that if their hides are not on the line, the ones of their descendants will be.

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