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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
Hanford is not the name of a reactor, it is a large site, which does have a single 1.1GWe commercial reactor currently in operation. The biggest concern with the site is the large amount of waste material stored in drainage proximity to the major waterway of the PNW, where leakage could potentially have serious consequences for well over a million downstream residents.
My point was that the complaints about all of that is that most of that waste came from before we knew how to properly handle and secure it.

We were talking about nuclear power, and "Hanford" was used as a counter. Like I said, Hanford isn't a reactor. Yes, it has one there, but that reactor, which is the sort of thing that we are discussing in this thread, is not the reason to be concerned about "Hanford". The reason that Hanford is a mess has absolutely nothing to do with future nuclear development.