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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
If you are waiting for us to stop being irresponsible before progress can be made, we will never make any progress, ever.
It depends on your definition of “progress”. As I see it, a lot of our progress involves maximizing the speed with which resources move from their source to the landfill. There are some significant negatives to that paradigm, and moving away from it would greatly reduce our overall energy demand. It seems as though such a move is likely to happen one way or the other; starting on it now would probably be better for our children than pushing us all to the edge of the cliff where there will no longer be a choice.

We have 100+ reactors, and the vast majority of them operate every day safely and properly, and they are all based on 70 year old technology, and many of them are actually nearly that old themselves.
While you do have a valid point, you should work on your numbers. There are not a hundred operating reactors in the US, and none of them are anywhere close to 70 years old. Due to radiation damage, it is pretty rare for a reactor to last half a century.