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Well, I'm a month past my colectomy and ileostomy. Still being careful of what I eat. Mostly potatoes and rice and meat, with some eggs thrown in. Had some gluten free chocolate chip cookies (rice flour) and some Butter finger candy bars on Halloween and I tolerated them well. The latter is mostly peanut butter and sugar, and they said that was safe to eat. Worked out OK. I find the bag annoying, I have to empty it like four times a day, and I only eat three times a day, when they feed me. Still better than the blood, pain and cramping, and the messing myself... Although I now pass mucus about twice a day, through what remains of my colon/anus. Also annoying. Hoping this all gets easier with time, and when I can walk again.

Still getting used to changing my appliance every four days or so. Not easy for me, but as I heal and get practice hopefully it will get easier. I have a referral for a back surgeon my pcp recommended. Don't have a date for the first appt yet, the one his office set conflicted with my ostomy follow up in a couple days. Hopefully the rescheduled appt will be soon.

Something went wrong with my SSI appeal. Something that was supposed to be easy and a virtual lock did not happen. So the 8-10 thousand dollars backpay I was hoping to get in October didn't happen. I got nothing. Least I have my monthly payment and my Medicaid. That extra money could really have come in handy. My nineteen year old Saturn leaks a quart of oil a month, but with my finances, when it dies, that's pretty much it for having a car. Need dental work, my vision beyond five feet is a joke, and that's WITH glasses... That money could have found uses. Hell, I was rebuilding my 7-year-old desktop computer before I went into the hospital, and I never finished that. Oh well.

Just waiting on my next surgery and hoping to be home before Christmas and my birthday again. Three of the past four years, I've spent the holidays in the hospital. For a guy that doesn't think of himself as all that sick, I'm sick a lot.
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