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I've been using President Rump since mid-November of 2016.
It's subtle (gosh, did I forget a redundant T?) but you guys know what I mean.

I find it ironic but not-necessarily-surprising that the guy who was at the forefront of crowds questioning the previous president's legitimacy is now pouting about people questioning his legitimacy; the crowd at the heart of the Birther bull$H!+ is now whining, "He's been inaugurated already; can't you just accept him for four years?"
As we way in IT: You're gonna have to eat your own dog food.

And a couple questions since I've been avoiding news of any type since August of 2016:



An old sociology question:
What's the difference between power and authority?
Power is the ability to make people do what you want them to do.
Authority is the legitimized ratification of power -- the majority of people being directed believe you really should be issuing directions so they comply willingly; no force or duress is required to make them obey.

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