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Originally Posted by Maastricht View Post
Toxic Trump.

But the Dems really should settle on one particular name, and let repetition work for them. And it should be a name low-information users understand and that evokes contempt or disgust.
You're right about the fact that it would be more effective for the left to settle on one name and use it consistently.

But of course that would be very unlike the left. We tend to value individuality. Or maybe inefficacy (not the goal but too often the result).

Toxic Trump is a good one: three syllables and evokes a real phenomenon (toxic dump).

Similarly, Dolt45 (four syllables but visually short) and SCROTUS (two, and evokes a body part not known for its photogenic properties) are good contenders. I like one not mentioned yet (I think), Putin's Poodle: four syllables, and kind-of rhymes.

But it'll never happen. The left won't act in concert.