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Y'all want a stupid liberal idea? Here's a fuckin' doozy.

The Times’s Alex Burns found Biden had received $200,000 from the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan, “a business-minded civic organization” that receives some money from an Upton family foundation. He gave a speech in October in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in which he praised Upton as “one of the finest guys I’ve ever worked with,” crediting the Congress member for working to increase federal funding for cancer research. According to reports at the time, Biden otherwise hit some of his favorite notes in the speech, arguing for the need for consensus and mocking the “half-baked nationalism” and “phony populism” of President Donald Trump and others.

Republicans ran ads touting the vice president’s kind words about Upton, who represents a more moderate district that Democrats hoped would be in play in a favorable environment. Local Democrats begged Biden to do some damage control, though it seems he declined, per, according to the Times. Upton ultimately won by less than 5 percentage points after winning by 22 points in 2016 — and, while Biden can’t exactly be blamed for a longtime incumbent winning reelection, the implication is that he didn’t help.
He's not sorry about this and refuses to apologize. He doesn't see a problem with his actions bolstering a republican house candidate in the midterms. In other words, Biden is completely detached from the political reality of America today and fundamentally unprepared to deal with politics as it currently exists.

With any luck, this completely pushes Biden out of the running in 2020. I'd say he should be primaried, but he's probably resigning within the next few terms anyways.

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