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Originally Posted by Triskadecamus View Post
Hope this counts as a milestone.
I am back. It's really me, I have no socks! (well, I am wearing socks, but for now let's not go there.)
It will, no doubt take me a while to settle back in.
But please feel free to treat me like an old hand, and call out my every lapse of things that should never lapse.
Welcome back!! I was just thinking about you the other day!

Also, I have a VERY happy Doper milestone. Ten years ago today, our adoption of the Firebug became final, when we took him out of Baby House #1 in Samara, Russia, and into our family at last.

He's now in middle school, and his latest thing is, he's been bitten by the drama bug this past year. He's been in one school play and one play put on by the community theater where we are, and he's going to be in a school musical this spring. It's definitely added something to a marriage of two math geeks to be the parents of an artistic, dramatic kid. Who'd'a thunk?