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I see that Eva Luna gets seeds from Baker Creek - at least, I haven't seen anyone else offer Aswad and Syrian Stuffing eggplant.

I am growing Lucid Gem and Cosmic Eclipse tomatoes (just potted on seedlings of both this evening, seed obtained directly from the breeder, Wild Boar Farms). Lots of eggplant seedlings are growing in community pots - Patio Baby, Machiaw, Oriental Express and Mini Round among them. I'll look for Little Fingers eggplant at a local nursery later; it's a great, highly productive variety.

Seedlings of several ornamentals are doing well indoors, including Cleome "Color Fountains", Petunia exserta (slender crimson flowers) and two varieties of purple Datura.

Oh, and a bunch of potted figs went outdoors today, as they're waking up from their winter dormancy in the garage.