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My new apartment has absolutely zero gardening space so I thought there would be none of that this year.

But it looks like I might be helping a friend get a start in gardening.

Went out to look at her previously failed (as in everything died) garden. It was better than I expected. Came up with a plan and nothing too elaborate - figure on some lettuce and kale (her husband is a big fan of kale), some onions, tomato and pepper, and I'm giving her my four trellises from The Old Place for beans and maybe a cucumber and squash. She has plenty of space, but I wanted to keep it to things fairly simple to grow. Her husband is going to layout a soaker hose for water. The ground is in good condition - prior tenants had a fine garden there, and it's full of nightcrawlers and creepy-crawlies.

Gonna start her with the lettuce and kale in a week or so, meanwhile we'll get the ground ready.