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Originally Posted by Filbert View Post
Be very careful planting out tender stuff yet- I can't remember whereabouts you are, but we had bit of ground frost here in Cornwall last night, and we're likely to get more tonight. Some people at my allotment had been optimistic, and there were a lot of dead tomatoes, squash and runner beans there today. Even if the cold doesn't kill them, below about 5C it'll slow growth right down and actually delay the crop.

The peas should be fine, if they're hardened off, but if I were you, I'd hold back on the rest right now. I normally don't put any frost-tender stuff in the ground outside before the last week of May.

I'm being a bit late with everything this year anyway, 'cos of uni deadlines sucking up all my time. I'll be sowing the beans and squashes this week, I think. Or I'll forget and have to buy in plants again. That works too.
Thanks for the guidance (and I certainly need it). We're south of London, and the old, wise heads say last frost day is 12 May. So my approach is to get as close as I can to that date and then trust the weather forecast - but that has actually got a little worse over the last few days. Predicted nighttime lows are: 6th = 5C; 7th = 8C; 8th = 6C; 9th = 5C; 10th = 5C; 11th = 5C; 12th = 6C; 13th = 7C; 14th = 7C. So it's marginal. Or at least, closer than I would like.

Problem is, the cucurbits have taken over the shed, to the extent that they sucked up all the light and the aubergines had to be brought back indoors to an emergency eggplant infirmary. Mrs Trep is not pleased. Plus the peas are now growing horizontally to get to the light. If they come back indoors, it'll be me and the cucurbits fighting it out for sleeping room in the shed.

So: predicted nighttime lows of 5C, but always with a little breeze - safe enough?