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Originally Posted by Sitnam View Post
‘Black Lives Matter’ was a misstep. What they meant was ‘Black Lives Also Matter’ and took it as a given people would understand. And for the most part they did, but that didn’t stop nonsensical counterchants like ‘blue lives matter’ from people whose intent was and is I suspect odious. Of course police lives matter, but innocent civilians don’t want to be routinely shot in the face on a routine stop. Why is this an argument? Why are we losing ground on this issue!
It was only a "misstep" in the mind of people who aren't inclined to agree with what BLM stands for to begin with. I think calling it a "misstep" gives these people way too much credit, because it presumes that if only the group had come up with a different name, there would be more support. There is no good reason to believe this. There were a variety of groups during the 1960s civil rights movement that had non-controversial names, but they were as vilified as BLM is.

Just yesterday, I was driving around and passed a Unitarian Universalist church draped in a huge "Black Lives Matter" banner. I've been to that church before. There ain't very black folks in that congregation! And I also see signs like this this all around town, especially in predominately white neighborhoods populated by the college-educated professionals.

So a lot of white people do get it, fortunately.