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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
How steeped are you in the social sciences? Your statement strikes me as very ill-informed, but maybe you are an expert in feminist theory and actually have a good reason to believe what you do. Would you consider yourself to be someone who has been immersed in the discourse well enough to know how much intellectual rigor goes into feminist theory? Or are you just another person who is basing their opinion based on stereotypes and what they've "heard" from others? I mean, skepticism is fine, but requiring proof before you believe that men get told different things than women isn't just being skeptical. It's deliberate obtuseness.
Yeah, generally there are two groups of people who commonly comment on this kind of thing. The first group has often spent some time familiarizing themselves with the literature around the issue. The second group thinks that toxic masculinity is humbug. To speak extremely euphemistically, it's rather frustrating. I'm reminded of the folks who talk about "post-modern neo-marxists" as though that's a coherent concept, and ExistentialComics has the absolute correct response.

Nobody explicitly told me "boys don't cry" either (well, other than Kimberly Peirce and The Cure). But I did get told I was acting "girly" when I cried. I was called a wuss, a coward, a "pussy". The insults tended towards feminization, and the implication - "you're less manly because your show your feelings, and that's a bad thing" - was pretty fucking clear, even to an autistic 6-year-old. If you managed to avoid this kind of socialization, lucky you. But I kind of doubt both of you missed all of it by sheer happenstance.