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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
The literal meaning of the word "masculinity" is not what is actually "male" but what is accepted as the stereotype of being male, those things that we define are appropriate to being a man, that we expect a man to be.

One has to ignore the literal meaning of the word and the context to pretend that one is not accepting and affirming the stereotype that aggressiveness, toughness, strength, etc. are is appropriate and expected of a man to be "a man" and that conversely a male without those things is less of a man if not effeminate.
I read this several times and itís still not making sense.

Masculinity broadly refers to qualities we perceive to be associated with men and boys. It includes physical traits (facial hair, deep voice) and it also includes behaviors and personality traits . Some of these things are rooted in biological differences between the sexes and some of them are the result of socialization. With me so far? All of this is value neutral.

Believers in toxic masculinity arenít saying itís bad to be masculine. They are saying men are told in many insidious ways that to be a Real Man (and thus, of high social value), they have to behave in ways that ultimately hurt themselves and others. To put it another way, the pressure that men are under to embody masculinity has toxic consequences.

How does this affirm stereotypes?