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Originally Posted by l0k1 View Post
... Now that we might need the government to honor that debt, we are told that it can't or won't.
Told by whom? Right-wing liars?

Originally Posted by l0k1 View Post
What is the Trust Fund for? Until 1981 it was a surplus used to cover shortfalls. Since 1983, it has been an ever growing rainy day fund....
Why did we build a $3T surplus if we aren't allowed to use it. This ever growing surplus is bad policy. Bad policy should be corrected.
Two big problems here.

(1) The Trust Fund surplus is expected to start declining very soon.
(2) Whether that TF declines or not, some analysts will properly treat SSTF as part of the Government for fiscal accounting. When that is done, it is seen that the net deficit even if SSTF were running a surplus (which soon it won't be) is still large.

Some say that deficits and debt don't matter, and they may be right!
But if we're striving to reduce the net deficit, cutting taxes is not a solution.

As I state in OP, I'm happy to cut the SocSec tax, but I'd like to see the shortfall made up with other new taxes.