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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
Natal multimammate mice? How about something regionally appropriate?

Ifu (more-or-less ee-foo) is Zulu for cloud (the Zulu for white is mhlophe but I reckon that'll be a lot harder for most people to pronounce. the -hl- is like Welsh -ll- )

The Swahili for white is nyeupe, again hard to pronounce, but for cloud it's wingu.
Wow, I wasn't expecting anyone to even know what the hell I was talking about, let alone to be familiar with the other term for 'em.

I rarely hear/read anyone use "multimammate" and wonder, is it regional? Are you in the U.S. if I may ask?

And for whoever asked for pics, here's my lovely little lady, with one of her spotted cagemates. The other pic shows the more familiar coloration: a band or "saddle" of brown or reddish across their backs.
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