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Originally Posted by FlikTheBlue View Post
I think it wouldn’t matter what Jesus, or any other religious figure, would say if they were around today. People believe the way they do and then project that onto the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. Nancy Pelosi and Clarence Thomas both read the same Bible. Ilhan Omar and the clerics of Saudi Arabia read the same Koran. Bernie Sanders and Benjamin Netanyahu are both Jewish. People believe what they want to and then see that in their religious texts. It wouldn’t matter what Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, or any other historical religious figure said if they were around today.
Jesus is supposed to return one day. I wonder if all Christians would even recognize him.

"That long-haired commie pinko coastal elite has got some nerve, calling himself 'Jesus'. Where's his semi-automatic rifle? Where's his MAGA hat? Where's his 'fuck your feelings' t-shirt? That guy ain't the Jesus I know! He's probably an illegal alien! LOCK HIM UP!"