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Originally Posted by shadowmyst87 View Post
Right, they used those full on silicone masks. I'm talking more of using facial prosthetics instead.
Not even: clothing, accesories, demeanor and even location can make a world of difference. Back when I was in college (ChemE), my friends and I discovered that, despite the four of us going together pretty much everywhere and looking quite distinctive as a pack, just by:
* switching our lab-ready clothes for fashionable ones,
* wearing contacts or our newest glasses rather than the biggest ones we had,
* putting on a very-moderate amount of makeup,
* and doing our hair (not even needing to go to the hairdresser),
a surprising amount of our male classmates didn't recognize us until we walked straight up to them and said "hi, guys!" (*4).

I once was greeted at the train station by this super-tall guy who was there with his tiny wife and two boys. The guy was wearing that year's Barça's second uniform, whose main area was highlighter yellow. I answered "uhm... hi?" "You've got no idea who I am " "I'll willingly admit I don't" "From work" ".......... OOOOH! You're the programmer who always leaves his phone behind! You cheat! Every time I see you you're wearing all grey and slinked down under your desk! I didn't even know you were this tall."
His wife was laughing sooo hard at my signed description of the way he draped himself over the chair and under the desk.
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