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I am sure it can be done well enough to fool a casual inspection. Nothing is likely to survive very close examination where the observer is on guard to detect deception.

I am bald and clean-shaven. I went to the party of an old mate who had been a clubbie - surf-life saving clubs are a thing in Australia, and a significant culture surrounds them. Guys who used to be into the culture often still have the old surfie appearance. So I got some good theatrical facial hair and a wig and gave myself a blonde porn star "tache and a mullet hairdo. Walked past good mates and said hello, and got lots of thin unsure responses that obviously meant they did not recognise me. When I actively engaged them for long enough to look at me, I could see the recognition switch on after a little while, but I wasn't actively trying to fool them, just letting them figure it out. I think I could have strung it out a bit longer if I actively tried to fool them with an accent, a deceptive back story or the like. Eventually they would have picked it, but I think that if I had moved around like party guests do, there might have been some who didn't catch on. Body shape, unconscious mannerisms that are hard to hide, etc would eventually clue them in. But this was not officially fancy dress - I just did it for shits and giggles. If it had been fancy dress and other guests were alert to deception for that reason, I would have been rumbled very quickly.