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Once upon a really long time ago when I lived in Oakland, my then partner (who was somewhat older than me and had worn his hair long and his beard shaggy for all the time I'd known him) decided for reasons of his own to cut it short and shave it down.

Without telling me about it.

I walked in the house that afternoon and there was a square looking middle-aged fart with short combed down hair, big sideburns, and one of those 1970s macho man 'staches standing in the middle of our living room. Wearing a blue suit jacket and slacks, no less.

I said "Do you have a warrant, motherfucker?"

He cracked up laughing like an asshole, then I realized who the laughing asshole was.

Seriously. I left an old hippie dude in the morning and came home to a plain clothes Oakland cop* that afternoon. If he had walked past me on the street, I'd've had not the foggiest that it was my boyfriend of several years.

So, based on my personal experience, you could fool someone that way, at least in the short term.

*Not really, but he was the very spit of one. I really expected to see a badge and a gun within the next couple of seconds.

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