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Well, I have my cataract surgeries scheduled: The first one gets done on the 20th. Good news.

Bad news is I seem to have another abscess in my rectum. I have an appt with my GI in July and I was going to talk with them about having a proctectomy, a procedure that is commonly paired with the ileostomy I had late last year. Having that would eliminate some problems I'm currently having and help prevent things such as abscesses. Figures it couldn't wait a few months.

I'll need a surgery to drain and clean out the abscess, and then 4-6 weeks to recover while it heals from the inside out. Painful. THEN, sometime this fall or winter, I'll have the six-hour proctectomy surgery, which is much more extensive and harder to recover from. I was dreading the proctectomy enough by itself, I didn't want to have an additional surgery in that area as well. I just hope I can finally get my cataracts removed after more than a year of waiting, and this abscess doesn't derail it.

Meanwhile, the abscess hurts like hell to sit or lie on. I called my GI on Friday morning and left a message on their machine, explaining my situation and asking them to get back with me before the weekend. Didn't happen, of course. The fun never stops.